One Month's Intensive Care For Two Girls Receiving Cervical Cancer Vaccine
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A month's intensive care for anti-cancer vaccine patients
By: thinkSPAIN , Monday, March 9, 2009

The two girls who suffered adverse reactions to the vaccine they were given against the human papiloma virus over a month ago are still in intensive care in Valencia's Hospital ClĂ­nico.

Both girls, aged 14 and 15, are in a stable, but serious condition and have been in and out of the intensive care unit since they were first admitted on February 4th and 6th respectively after receiving their second dose of the gardasil vaccine (batch no. NH52670).

They both continue to suffer convulsions and losses of consciousness.

A consultant neurologist from the San Joan de Deu hospital in Barcelona arrived in Valencia today to undertake an evaluation of the girls' condition and treatment.

According to sources within the hospital, the parents of the two girls had asked for a second opinion from a specialist from another Spanish hospital to see if any further light could be shed on their cases.

Source: ThinkSpain.Com