£85,000 for parents of MMR victim
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£85,000 for parents of MMR victim
By Neale Adams Last updated at 00:00am on 16.03.05

Carol Buxton received £85,000 compensation after it was confirmed that the brain damage suffered by her daughter Hannah, who later died after a violent fit, was linked to the MMR jab.

Hannah endured up to 40 fits a day following her vaccination in 1988. She died three days before her third birthday.

Mrs Buxton and her husband Tony, a police officer, fought for compensation but were initially turned down by the vaccine damage Unit.

In 1992 the Buxtons, who also have three sons, appealed and four months later received a letter from the unit. It stated: "Hannah Buxton was disabled as a result of a vaccination to which the claim relates." It said the reaction to the jab had caused Hannah's development to deteriorate. The evidence was uncontested by the Government.

Travel consultant Mrs Buxton said: "The most important thing was someone confirmed what I had always suspected - the MMR jab had done so much damage to her brain that she became severely handicapped and started having fits."

Source: ThisIsLondon.Co.Uk